Tencent joins China’s GenAI race with platform model for enterprises

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Tencent is the latest company to enter the Chinese market generative artificial intelligence (AI) Bandwagon provides a foundational model on which local organizations can test and build their own applications.

A large language model called Hunyuan is accessible via an API. Tencent cloud platform. Chinese companies can take advantage of features that include Chinese language processing and advanced logical reasoning to tailor the model to their specific requirements, Tencent said.

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The underlying AI model also facilitates various functions such as image creation, text recognition, and copywriting. The Chinese cloud he vendor touts Hunyuan as a platform for various industries such as finance, e-commerce, transportation and gaming.

AI models currently have over 100 billion parameters and over 2 trillion tokens in pre-training data.

Tencent announced that it has integrated Hunyuan with 50 of its own products, including fintech, advertising, gaming, office productivity, and search applications.

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For example, Tencent Meeting now offers an AI assistant that can perform common tasks such as taking meeting minutes via natural language processing and user prompts. The company’s advertising tools can also be used to create shopping guides that retailers can leverage as marketing assets.

“In launching Hunyuan and making it available to domestic enterprises, Tencent is committed to the exciting performance of large-scale model AI-powered chatbots for consumers and the realities of the business community in increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs. We have chosen an approach that balances the need to protect privacy and proprietary data,” said Dawson Tong, senior vice president of cloud and smart industries at Tencent.

The tech giant continues to grow among the list of domestic players heating up China’s generative AI market. Baidu, JD.comand alibaba cloud.

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JD.com’s ChatRhino boasts a 100 billion parameter base, surpassing the 10 billion parameter benchmark set by its predecessor Vega early last year. According to JD.com, Vega surpassed his Microsoft and Facebook models to take the top spot on the General Language Understanding Evaluation (GLUE) list.

of Alibaba Cloud synonymous preamble Domestic customers can use it for beta testing, and developers can also use it via API.Chinese cloud vendors Introduced a partnership program We hope to accelerate the development of AI applications for industries such as finance and petrochemicals.

accelerated Initiatives for AI come in the middle Interim regulations in ChinaThe Chinese government said these were promoted to ensure the healthy development of technology and safeguard both national security and public interests.

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The Interim Law, which will enter into force on August 15, outlines various measures aimed at furthering these objectives, including measures to be taken to improve the quality of training data such as accuracy, objectivity and diversity. is shown.

Generated AI service providers are also legally responsible for generated information and its security, and must enter into service level agreements with users of their services, clarifying the rights and obligations of each party.

https://www.zdnet.com/article/tencent-latest-to-join-chinas-genai-race-with-foundation-model-for-enterprises/#ftag=RSSbaffb68 Tencent joins China’s GenAI race with platform model for enterprises

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