Telegram Premium Debut: Here are all the key features

WhatsApp may be the most trending option in a particular market, but from a global perspective, Telegram is certainly one of the most powerful social media messaging apps. This app isn’t just a place to chat, but it’s a complete hub with user groups and channels. You can also make phone calls and video calls, and set up bots for specific channels and goals. Today, the company announced that it has reached a milestone of reaching 700 million monthly active users. To commemorate this, as you might expect, the company is launching Telegram Premium. The long-rumored premium service is now available to all users around the world. As expected, premium branches bring unique features to the platform.

Let’s clarify some of the main features that Telegram Premium brings.

Key features of Telegram Premium

Telegram Premium brings significant improvements to users on the platform. In addition, these premium users will be able to take advantage of the long-sought improvements. For example, you can download files faster, increase upload limits, and manage chat better. Of course, this service doesn’t make a difference to free users. The core functionality remains the same, but there are some special benefits for paying members. According to Telegram, the goal is to earn money to introduce new features to free and paid users. After all, you can imagine how much it will cost to maintain Telegram, and the company needs to make a profit. Below are some of the key features that come with Telegram Premium.

4GB upload

Like WhatsApp, free Telegram users can only upload files up to 2GB. With the advent of Telegram Premium, paid users will be able to send 4GB files. Anyway, all users can enjoy unlimited storage on Telegram. Anyone, including free Telegram users, can download the 4GB file.

Faster download

Downloading large files from Telegram … can be painful … it’s an undeniable fact. While the user is downloading the file, the app limits the bandwidth and keeps the server smooth. Premium members can download files as fast as their ISP provider.

Double limit

With Telegram Premium, you can pin up to 10 chats. In addition, you can create up to 20 folders in each folder for 200 kyat. You can also add a fourth Telegram account in the Telegram app and add up to 10 favorite stickers.

Telegram Premium

Copy the voice message

An interesting feature is the display of text below the voice message. This is a direct transcription function that collects feedback.

Unique sticker

The Telegram Premium branch has a unique sticker. Free users can see unique stickers on the full screen, but Premium sends these stickers to show them across the display.

New reaction

Premium members will be able to use about 10 new emojis for their reactions

Chat management

You will be able to change the default folder for premium services. You can set the default folder to “Unread” so that your app will start showing the folder as “Unread”. Basically, it works to change the new tab functionality of the browser.

Animation profile picture

Telegram can already plan an animated profile picture when you are looking at your profile. However, premium users can see their animated profile pictures everywhere, from chat to the main menu.

Premium badge

There is a way to identify premium users! A star icon will appear next to your name.

New app icon


Premium users can choose a different icon (from the list) for Telegram.

No ads for Telegram Premium users

This is one of the controversial features that Telegram implements. Currently, ads are only available in some countries and channels. However, with the launch of Telegram Premium, this could reach other places as a way to increase the number of people going to the premium tier. Of course, this is just a pessimistic assumption. Premium subscribers will not see ads. The Telegram team states that the ads will help users respect their privacy and keep Telegram running.

New features for everyone!

In addition to the announcement of Telegram Premium, the company has released a number of novelties to all users, whether paid or free. These include:

Join the request

Telegram Premium

Public groups can now enable join requests like private groups. Therefore, the administrator can decide whether to accept new members.

Verification badge everywhere

A public figure or organization may have a confirmed badge.

Better bot

The bot can accept payments or replace the entire website.

Better chat preview for android

Users can get a better preview of the entire chat without marking the message as read. It is already available on iOS.

Automatic media saving on Android

Telegram Premium

Users can decide whether to save media from chats, groups, or channels. The difference is that you will be able to change the settings individually in the future.

Improve external sharing

Users can share files from other apps without saving them to their iOS device. This is great for freeing storage from hordes of unwanted images and videos.

animation profile image creator for macOS

As the name implies, there are tools for creating animated profile pictures on macOS.

Many improvements on desktop and mobile

This update brings many improvements to desktop and mobile applications. According to the Telegram team, the application has over 100 fixes. Telegram Premium Debut: Here are all the key features

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