telcos Lenderwize funding platform dials 100 million euros –

Headquartered in London Lenderwize Raised € 100 million in a new funding round. The company offers embedded financial solutions through an investor-led market to help carriers handle cash flow issues.

This mechanism allows investors to snap up digital products such as voice, data, and digital content through the purchase of unpaid invoices, or factoring. This investment will be used to drive international expansion plans, including market entry in France, Germany, Spain, and the United States during 2022.

The problem that Lenderwize is working on is itself. Medium carriers that sell to large carriers must pay the vendor in advance and wait for the client to pay within 60 days. They have customers, suppliers, and margins, but they don’t have enough capital to fund their transactions, and if they don’t have the funds on hand, they will eventually lose the transaction.

According to the company, through a network of investors and working capital that can be provided, it provides clients (Telcos) with the opportunity to increase their profits by up to 50% and their profit margins by up to 36%.

The Lenderwize platform employs a number of fintech tools to provide investors with a dashboard that provides proof of service by sharing data on each product such as talk time, source, destination and cost. .. Probably anonymous. Validate this data in real time to validate the services offered on each invoice.

Founded by former Swisscom executives August Pellegrini And holders of various positions within the telecommunications industry Lawrence Guillioli, Lenderwize’s € 100 million fund will be provided by an alternative asset management company Fasanara Capital..

“The Lenderwize platform has a proven track record of success with Lenderwize because it truly mitigates risk while gaining a whole new asset class to invest in. Lenderwize is a huge telecommunications sector with its unique model and innovative platform. We serve the most addressable markets, “commented Fasanara’s CEO. Francesco Philia.. telcos Lenderwize funding platform dials 100 million euros –

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