TECNO Announces Innovative Imaging Technology, Promising Studio Quality Photography

Transsion Holdings brands such as Tecno and Infinix are doing their best to stay headlined. Infinix promises to revolutionize the market with 160W fast-charging smartphones, but Tecno today announces a new and innovative imaging technology. Today, Chinese brands have unveiled new achievements in innovation and achievements in imaging technology. These announcements were made at the “Global Mobile Camera Trends 2022: Innovation Talk” webinar hosted by technology research firm Counterpoint.

With advances in dark compression imaging for users in key markets in Africa, India and other regions. Tecno described recent achievements and breakthroughs in light sensitivity, image, and video stabilization. It also focuses on high resolution technologies, including technologies such as zoom, RGBW and G + P, sensor shift, and telescopic lenses. Tecno has promised that some of these new technologies will be available in the 2022 product lineup. According to TECNO, these technologies will revolutionize the photography capabilities of mobile phones, allowing users to take studio-quality photos and videos without the need for professional skills.

Tecno wants to be the first Android OEM with Sensor-Shift

According to Jimmy Hsu, Senior Product Manager for Imaging Technology, Tecno has significantly improved light sensitivity through its own RGBW subpixel rendering algorithm. This will increase the light captured by the CMOS sensor by 60%. He adds that light uptake is improved by 30% thanks to G + P lens technology. The result is an overall 200% increase, bringing an innovative low-light imaging experience to consumers.

Tecno will also release Sensor-Shift technology in 2022. This is the first Android smartphone brand. Sensor shift is an image stabilization technology for those who don’t know. It uses the movement of the sensor instead of the movement of the lens to correct the vibration. He also says that techno’s sensor shift control accuracy reaches 350 percent of current levels. In addition, there is room for further optimization of the algorithm in the future.

The company is also working on a concept phone with a telescope lens, which will be launched in 2022. This lens has advantages such as lossless zoom and large aperture. “The post-compression focal length (BFL) design with an electric telescopic lens significantly reduces the thickness of the phone,” the company added. It integrates consumer demand for a simple look and high performance. “

Samsung also promised a revolutionary change at the event

Apart from TECNO, DxOMARK and Samsung have also appeared in Webinar along with Samsung’s VP and R & D Director. He said Samsung is approaching the stage where smartphone brands can offer DSLR-grade photos on their customers’ mobile phones through Tetra and Nona technologies.

More information on Samsung’s revelation can be found here. TECNO Announces Innovative Imaging Technology, Promising Studio Quality Photography

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