Tech: Remotework stays here and some employers are worried

Technicians are completely keen on remote roles, but employers rather want to see their staff come to the office at least a few days a week.

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Technology organizations are concerned about the impact of remote work on team building and work culture, as new data suggests that tech professionals are increasingly prioritizing remote roles when looking for jobs. ..

Employment Market According to a survey of 2,000 UK technical workers and employers in Hackajob, 50% of employers find it more difficult to build and maintain strong teams working remotely, 54%. Said that having a decentralized workforce had a negative impact on office culture.

Technology experts, on the other hand, have a different opinion. Only 22% of tech workers surveyed by Hackajob agreed that remotework had a negative impact on workplace culture, with the majority (44%) feeling no impact at all.

The findings show the challenges companies face in trying to mitigate changes in employee job expectations as job seekers seek to end their daily commute and increase career flexibility.

Nearly three-quarters (72%) of tech workers surveyed by Hackajob cited remotework as one of the key perks they were looking for as part of a job package, and 67% were hiring because of the potential. He states that he has expanded the scope of his search. Of remote work.

Meanwhile, one in five respondents (21%) said they were quitting their current job due to organizational inflexibility, with 21% specifically citing the lack of remote work options. increase.

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Mark Chaffey, co-founder and CEO of Hackajob, speculates that rising demand for tech workers can encourage organizations to rethink their work models, and employer and employee demand is “matched at this time.” I haven’t. ”

“High-tech workers are in demand and our data show that it’s currently in the buyer’s market, so employees seem to be in the driver’s seat,” said Chaffy.

Required technical skills

Organizations are facing a tough job market as companies expand their digital operations and increase the hiring of employees with digital skills.

According to data released this month by professional services firm Accenture, technology jobs in the UK increased by 10% from 85,000 in January to 93,000 in July in the first six months of 2021. The list is still well below pre-pandemic levels, but the results show that rising demand for tech professionals is driving employment recovery.

In addition, Accenture data show that demand for emerging technology skills is driving growth across the technology job market. for example, Open role in quantum computing Those on the blockchain increased by 157%, compared to 72%.

“As companies track change quickly and the industry is permanently digitized,” Shaheen Sayed, technology leader at Accenture in the UK and Ireland, is likely to intensify competition for skilled tech workers. Said.

Employers are already in a pinch. 60% of employers surveyed by Hackajob say they have lost their talents in the last 12-24 months due to intensified competition, 63% Initiatives to retain and improve employees.

When it comes to hiring, companies are also investing more extensively, with 42% of employers telling Hackajob that they are considering remote candidates.

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Work from home, work

Most employers (84%) surveyed by Hackajob reported moving to a hybrid model that combines office and remote work. This transition can be difficult for organizations where the majority of their employees are office-based.

For example, Microsoft recently warned: Remote work can have harmful effects A post-survey on workplace communication and productivity surveys found that US employees were suffering from communication problems when they were instructed to work remotely in March 2020. ..

Meanwhile, Google has given US staff the option to work completely remotely in the future, Potential payroll adjustments For those who live in a cheap commuter town.

According to a Hackajob survey, 53% of technicians do not consider making wage cuts for remote work, compared to 27% who think it is necessary to secure remote work. ..

“It’s interesting to see what changes first and what changes farthest,” said Chaffy. “It’s the workers’ expectations for remote work and the employer’s demands for being in the office.” rice field. Tech: Remotework stays here and some employers are worried

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