Teads launches an attention program to advance omni-channel attention measurements

The global media platform Teads has launched the Teads Attention Program to strengthen its position in the attention measurement sector.

This program armes the brand with optimal multi-screen reports of attention indicators within TeadsAdManager. Through the global scale of Teads within TV providers connected to quality publishers and integration with industry-leading attention measurement partners, this pioneering program brings media buyers and media owners’ attention. Accelerate understanding, enable attention planning, purchasing, optimizing, and reporting. Ultimately, to improve the return on your brand’s media investment.

Key factors identified as creative, media quality, relevance, and advertising experience have proven to be three times more effective than visibility in predicting results. Brands are looking for a better way to measure this new metric on every screen, as digital investments are fluidly allocated across channels.

Caroline Hugonenc, SVP of Research and Insights at Teads, said:

“This is a big step forward for the industry. We will continue to work with all publishers, agencies and advertiser partners to teach you how to leverage this new metric and meet your business goals.”

Omni-channel attention measurement is now possible with Teads in combination with Adelaide and Realeyes. With over 2,000 creatives measured, Teads’ Realeyes’ long-standing facial coding measurements mean that the platform can combine Adelaide’s creative and media quality metrics to provide brands with sophisticated solutions. This partnership will allow brands to pre-test their creatives by screen type to reach a level of attention before the campaign begins. Advertisers can leverage these unified attention insights to optimize live campaigns and connect the right creatives to the right screens for greater impact, higher results, and greater efficiency. ..

Mark Gourdiman, co-founder and chief executive officer of Adelaide, said: “Teads’ rigorous approach to attention metrics is illustrated by their work to understand the nuances of how media and creatives affect attention.”

In addition, Teads is breaking new ground in partnership with Lumen by providing native reporting of attention metrics within Teads Ad Manager, along with in-context creative testing tools that allow advertisers to optimize their assets. This is the first time a third-party attention company has integrated with a technology platform, enabling brands to more accurately and reliably report the level of attention their ads receive in their campaigns. By connecting Lumen’s attention data with BrandPulse, Teads’ in-house brand lift solution, Teads can also advise brands on the level of attention required for a particular campaign.

Dr. Mike Follett of Lumen Research said: With Teads and Lumen leading the discussion on the attention economy, it’s great to see how early research projects turned into business tools. “

Teads integrates with leading attention measurement vendors Lumen and Adelaide, as well as ad testing leader Realeyes, to build a powerful toolset for brands to improve media effectiveness and business outcomes. doing. As the program evolves, Teads integrates features with additional partners.

Mihkel Jäätma, Co-Founder and CEO of Realeyes, said:

“The advertising industry is moving from tonnage to quality, combining creative and media attention indicators to make smarter decisions, increase ROI and create a better consumer experience.”

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