Teacher makes emotional plea for help at school board meeting

Pensacola, Florida (WKRGMore) — A public school teacher in Escambia County gave strong words to the school board at a meeting Tuesday night.

They said they were experiencing burnout as the district struggled with teacher and staff shortages and had more responsibilities. I said I needed more money to do it.

Escambia County Public Schools employees voiced their concerns to the board for over 30 minutes.

Dolly Nickerson said: “It’s sad that you spend all your days caring for other people’s children and can’t even afford to care for your own daughter.

“It’s impossible for us to give you anything when you’re beaten down, overlooked, and frankly ignored,” said Terry Robinson.

“I need you to know how insignificant you are making me and my peers feel,” Lisette Guttery said. Please say enough to make an effort to hopefully continue the discussion.”

The Escambia Education Association, a teachers’ union, said the school district had stopped negotiations with them. The union is calling for some changes, including higher salaries and bonuses for special education teachers.

https://www.wkrg.com/northwest-florida/escambia-county/teachers-give-emotional-plea-for-help-at-school-board-meeting/ Teacher makes emotional plea for help at school board meeting

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