Tata Power Completes Installation at EV Charging Stations Nationwide

The company said it plans 10,000 charging station locations to enable the entire section from highways to electronic highways across the country.

Tata Power has announced that it currently has a network of over 1000 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and approximately 10,000 EV charging points nationwide.

This network of 1000 public EV charging stations provides Tata Power customers with an EV charging experience across offices, malls, hotels, retail stores, and public access locations.

Starting with the first charger installed in Mumbai, EV charging points now exist in approximately 180 cities and multiple states and national roads under various business models and market segments.

According to the company, it plans to have 10,000 charging stations and will be able to connect the entire country’s vertical and horizontal highways to electronic highways.

“We have succeeded in introducing more than 1000 EV charging points in the public domain and launched the first of many milestones to realize the EV revolution in India. With this, TataPower is domestic. Becoming the largest EV charging solution provider. Our innovative and collaborative approach has had a major impact on the development of this ecosystem and the promotion of EV adoption in the country. At Tatapower CEO and MD One Dr. Pravir Singha said:

Earlier this month, Tata Power and TVS Motor Company signed a strategic partnership to promote a comprehensive implementation of EVCI across India and bring solar power technology to the location of TVS Motor. The partnership aims to create a large dedicated electric motorcycle charging infrastructure for accelerating Indian electric vehicles.

https://www.electronicsb2b.com/important-sectors/electric-vehicle/tata-power-completes-installing-over-ev-charging-stations-across-the-country/ Tata Power Completes Installation at EV Charging Stations Nationwide

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