“Take two Kindrills with a glass of water”-Channel frowns on the new name for a spin-off of IBM’s services

Kyndryl, the new name for a spin-off of IBM’s services, encountered various reactions from IT channels and ridiculed the choice of name from the bottom of his heart.

IBM first announced plans to spin out its managed infrastructure services division in October as part of its ongoing transition to hybrid cloud.

However, the choice of a new name for the standalone unit has made some frowns in the IT industry.

According to IBM, the “kyn” part of the name comes from the word “kinship” and “dryl” comes from “tendril”. This is “a thin stem-like part of a vine, on a wall or plant for support” in the Cambridge dictionary.

Big Blue believes that the name is centered around relationships with people, and the “dry” part of the name evokes an image of new growth and works with partners and customers to “promote human progress.” It states that it represents.

However, the complexity of the name seems to miss the mark of some IT channel commentators.

Nick Toft, SCC’s client director, joked LinkedIn The kindrill may be prescribed to customers to cure IT headaches.

“I like what they did here.’Does your IT give you a headache? Drink two kindrills with a glass of water,'” he said. LinkedIn Reading posts.

Meanwhile, Rich Gibbons, ITAM Service Director of ITAM Review Public opinion poll released Ask if the name sounds like a second-rate superhero villain, a knock-off Kindle, a “cool” family tree app, or a rapper in the late 90’s or early 2000’s. So far, the Knockoff Kindle has led with over 45% of the votes.

Many spectators argue against the theme that the new name sounds like a pharmaceutical company.

Forrester’s chief analyst, Jay McBain, served on the board of directors at IBM after acquiring IBM’s server business in 2014 and then worked at Lenovo.

“I remember waking up one morning. IBM And I found out that I am currently working for a company called Lenovo. With today’s announcement of Kindrill, these employees seem to spend years (as I did) explain to people that we are not in pharmaceutical companies or kiln desiccants. “

Others have commented on Kindrill’s use of lowercase letters and the use of “y” in an attempt to appeal to the younger generation.

“It definitely hits me as a name that aims for’hip’and’trendy’,” Gibbons said.

Twitter also enjoys IBM and is figuratively dressed young. “Take two Kindrills with a glass of water”-Channel frowns on the new name for a spin-off of IBM’s services

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