Taiwan taps European satellites to protect wartime communications

Taiwan is seeking European help for its communications system amid growing fears of war with China.

The island nation recently took advantage of the services of two satellite companies on the continent: OneWeb in the UK and SES in Luxembourg.

To avoid confusion during potential disputes, SES will: Taipei Digital Ministry announced last week that it will introduce a Middle Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite network.

SES confirmed the project to TNW on Monday. The company said it aims to provide Taiwan with an “emergency backup network in case the current terrestrial network is damaged.”

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The move is part of a broader plan to strengthen Taiwan’s digital resilience.the country wants Non-geostationary satellites can protect services such as online calls, video conferencing, and live broadcasts.

In addition to deploying SES, Taiwan is also looking to OneWeb for help. The country’s digital minister, Audrey Tan, visited the company in the UK in June to discuss the introduction of a low earth orbit (LEO) system.tongs Said OneWeb, which is backed by the UK government, plans to have satellite coverage across Taiwan by the end of the year.

This network expands communication options within the island. The country aims to install more than 700 satellite receivers by the end of 2024, providing a backup network in the event of a disaster.

The plan marks the growing role of satellite companies in global conflicts. They were especially noticeable in Ukraine. space x Starlink has provided internet service since Russia’s full-scale invasion. This network has kept the country connected during the chaos of the ground system.

The Ukraine war also strengthened the EU’s claims satellite constellation. Known as IRIS2, this network is designed to maintain Internet access even in crisis situations. The $6.2 billion (€5.7 billion) project is expected to start by 2027.

“For the first time, the European Union will have its own communications constellation, especially in the new frontier of communications satellites, in low earth orbit,” said MEP Christoph Gradler, Rapporteur of the EU Secure Connectivity Programme. ing. Said last year.

https://thenextweb.com/news/taiwan-taps-european-satellite-firms-to-protect-wartime-communications Taiwan taps European satellites to protect wartime communications

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