Swiss startup unveils ‘world’s first’ AI translation service

The startup claims to have launched the world’s first AI speech translation system.

This tool, called Aivia, was developed by Interpreta provider of translation services based in Zurich. The company focuses on the interpretation of conferences and events, a market booming due to globalization.

Understanding can become more difficult as interactions spread across borders.English is the language of international business, but it is presumed 17% of the worldThe rest are often left out of the conversation.

Interprefy offers a way to remove this language barrier, and the demand seems to be strong. Interprefy says it has supported more than 50,000 meetings in the eight years since the company was founded.they range from remote press conference at euro 2020 soccer tournament to Interview with an astronaut on the International Space Station.

Aivia was designed to grow this customer base. With the push of a button, the service converts audio into speech and captions in real time.Interpret that is The first ever advanced automatic speech translation service for online and live events.

“Many organizations and events do not have the budget to book professional interpreters.

Interprefy CEO Oddmund Braaten has grand ambitions for Aivia.He hopes to eventually make simultaneous translation widely accessible.

“Over the past eight years, our remote interpretation technology has gone a long way in democratizing access to these services and has been widely adopted, especially during Covid times,” Braaten told TNW.

“However, we have still seen many organizations and events that lack the budget to book professional interpreters. We have developed a service that offers flexibility and support.”

Braaten is bullish about the results.he believes Ivia is The most accurate and flexible AI voice translator on the market.