Sustainable in-store packing: a key retail trend

Forrester’s recent forecasts Check out the trends we all see: the importance of the circular economy to the retail industry. It also emphasizes the growing expectations associated with processing customer returns. Both of these issues are directly related to the brand’s reputation and customer experience as key factors over the next few years. This is an area where better packaging helps.

Lampak Ranpak has earned a reputation as an innovative leader by creating the first environmentally friendly system to protect the product at the time of shipment. E-commerce And industrial supply chain solutions. Now that the store has been redesigned and customers can re-use the in-store experience, we are also focusing on providing more sustainable in-store packaging solutions.

First and foremost, consumers want quick and efficient packaging in-store, and paper-based to avoid the use of plastic packaging materials such as foam and plastic bubbles that contribute to plastic and reduce the customer experience. We are increasingly demanding solutions. pollution.

Retailers need solutions that are sized to fit their needs. Space is always a concern, large or small.

That’s why Lampak introduced the suite. Pack-in store Solution, paper-based packaging system. It can be easily integrated into the retailer’s current settings, providing a cost-effective, simple packaging process and small physical footprint.

Depending on the size of the facility and the amount of in-store packaging required, retailers can choose from four different solutions. All four solutions are now available in Europe, Middle east And Africa.

  • The latest Pack-in-Store innovations for in-store use are award-winning Wrap’n Go ™ converter. This is a new patented dispenser for the Geami® package. Extend the die-cut paper to a protective 3D honeycomb structure and optionally use soft tissue interleaf paper. Wrap’n Go is a sustainable paper-based packing solution that is modular and easy to use, without the need for adhesive tape or cutting.The Wrap’n Go ™ The converter is recognized in the prestigious iF 2022 DESIGN AWARD in the field “Products” and category “Industry / Tools”, sponsored by the iF International Forum Design GmbH, based in Hannover, the world’s oldest independent design organization. rice field. 2022, Wrap’n Go ™ We competed with about 11,000 entries from 57 countries and won 132 judges. make Up of independent experts from all over the world.
  • For attractive and convenient off-the-shelf packing solutions, Geami EX Mini Is a convenient dispenser box designed to extend die-cut paper into a protective 3D honeycomb structure. The box design enhances the in-store experience and directly demonstrates the brand’s commitment to sustainability to its customers.
  • Geami Sheets Is a small Geami box with die-cut paper that can be expanded into a protective 3D honeycomb structure. There are 140m2 of packaging material in one box and it can be easily placed under the counter.
  • FillPak Go ™ Is a simple and highly efficient package for start-ups and small volume void fill users. Easily integrated into any packing environment.

To revolutionize your customer’s packing experience by providing sustainable paper-based packing without sacrificing product protection, contact Ranpak to select the best solution for your store, product range, and customer. Talk to one of the professionals who can help you.

Ranpak’s goal is to help eco-friendly customers delight with comfortable and sustainable packages. Does not contain plastic. Sustainable in-store packing: a key retail trend

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