surprise! Atari VCS is now available for purchase

While Nintendo is waiting for rumored news Switch Pro, A company has made it possible to purchase new hardware during E3.The· Atari VCS It’s been over three years since the retro console was first announced, and now you own it.

Avid buyers can buy two versions of the console. Atari website: The $ 300 (~ £ 213) Onyx Base System, or the $ 400 (~ £ 283) Walnut All-In Bundle comes with a classic joystick and a more modern looking wireless controller. Both pads are compatible with “most Bluetooth or USB PC peripherals,” but they sell for $ 60 on their own.

That price, Atari says, is “subject to change in the future” and “pricing on special release dates,” and it’s pretty optimistic to see what you can get elsewhere with the same money.The· Xbox Series S It’s sold at the same price as the onyx-based system, but PS5 The Digital Edition matches the $ 400 price tag for the All-In Bundle across the Atlantic. Or, if it is in stock, it will match.

Still, obviously there is that market – or there was a time when it raised nearly $ 3,000,000 in it Original crowdfunding campaign,Anyways. Also, unlike Sony and Microsoft consoles, Atari VCS comes with a complete library of 100 free retro games in Atari Vault and requires its own app store. However, this number depends greatly on your sales. ..

Most interestingly, the console comes with PC mode, can run Windows, Linux, or Chrome OS and has Google Chrome built-in. This makes it more flexible than most boxes underneath the TV. How many people would like to experience a big screen PC in the living room?

Still, given the problematic history of consoles, it’s a bit surprising that it’s moved beyond vaporware. Initially scheduled for a spring 2018 release date, the original system architect seemed particularly dark in 2019. Left the project Due to lack of wages for more than 6 months.

In addition to being sold on the Atari site, the console is available in the United States in the following ways: Best buy And Microcenter.. I contacted Atari and asked if there were any UK-specific release plans and what the pricing would be. I will update this article as more details become available. surprise! Atari VCS is now available for purchase

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