Street Fighter V Luke Trailer introduces the intense style of the final character in the game

After more than five years, Capcom is finally here Street fighter V Finally, add another character, Luke, to conclude. Newcomers may look a little understated at first, as Capcom has declared him “the future of Street Fighter” and promised to be a major part of the game that follows Street, but he looks away. Not a person. Fighter V.

But more than that, how does Luke play? Well, he looks more like a realistic fighter than some recent additions. Capcom describes his style as a combination of military combat techniques and mixed martial arts, and in fact he is essentially trying to combine Guile’s style with MMA strikes. In addition to that, Luke’s V-trigger behaves differently from other characters. Once activated, his V-gauge works steadily. gain Unless your opponent damages him. Perhaps a mechanic tip you can expect from Street Fighter 6? Check out Luke’s debut gameplay trailer below.

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Let me explain Luke in a little more detail. Courtesy of Capcom

The brand new Luke of the Street Fighter series is an avid and smart character who experiences the tragic childhood events that enlist him in the US military. Luke’s various outfits incorporate aspects of his military background and MMA-inspired combat style.

Luke’s Move Set contains a unique mechanism that is completely new to SFV. In addition to standards such as the “Sand Blaster” zoning projectile and the “Rising Rocket” anti-aircraft, Luke has a variety of target combos and ways to board enemies.

His V-trigger, on the other hand, is special in that the V-timer increases over time or when dealing damage using certain movements, against enemies who escape when Luke activates the V-trigger. You can have an advantage. On the other hand, when Luke is damaged, his V-timer decreases, rewarding opponents who could continue to attack Luke.

Luke is available as part of Street Fighter V’s Season 5 Character Pass ($ 25) or Premium Pass ($ 40). Alternatively, you can buy it a la carte for $ 6 or 100,000 with in-game fight money. The pass also includes Dan, Rose, Oro and Akira.

Street Fighter V: Championship Edition is currently available on PC and PS4 and can be played via backward compatibility on PS5. Luke is available for download now. Street Fighter V Luke Trailer introduces the intense style of the final character in the game

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