Strange space-strange things that may be true

Space is exceptional Strange place, Full of signals and observations that go against our understanding of the universe. In trying to explain these mysteries, astronomers may assume very exotic objects that we have not yet found. Here are some of the most fascinating and bizarre things that may be lurking deep in the universe.

Being aware of strange things and working backwards to find the cause of those strange things is a basic belief in how science works. And when you have a crazy canvas like space, some of the proposed objects are pretty quirky.

Therefore, astronomers can look at the strange orbits of asteroids beyond Neptune and suggest that a huge ninth planet may be hidden in the suburbs of the solar system. Or, note that the expansion of the universe is accelerating, and assume that a mass of dark energy may be pushing the universe away.

From wormhole science fiction classics to stars made of dark matter and antimatter, here are some of the most interesting space objects that may be somewhere, waiting for us to find them. ..

The strangest thing in the universe

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