Stone Age people used bone scrapers to make leather and fur

The findings in Moroccan caves provided an unusual view of how the Stone Age people turned animal skins into clothing.

Archaeologist Emily Hallett and colleagues say that bone tools such as leather scrapers and stone sharpeners have been excavated in the Contre Bandier Cave in Morocco.Dating of deposits, burnt stones and animal teeth excavated there Shows that the tool is about 90,000 to 120,000 years old, Scientists report September 16th iScience..

“Before the successful large-scale decentralization from Africa to Eurasia, Homo sapiens [were] Created tools for various special features and their behavior would have helped them [in] “A new environment,” says Hallett of the Max Planck Institute for Human History and Science in Jena, Germany.Different types Bone tools from the time Moroccans discovered Many uses of these items remain unknown, but have been excavated at several other African sites. Researchers have focused primarily on the African bone tool-style explosion that emerged about 44,000 years ago after humans expanded to the Eurasian continent.

Of the 62 bone tools excavated from the cave, 7 were leather scrapers. These tools were made by splitting the ribs of an antelope or a wild cow in half vertically and processing them into a flat spatula-like shape. According to researchers, the short, deep grooves and polish of these items result from rubbing animal skins.

The team unearthed a tool along with peeled animal bones. The pattern of stone incisions in the limbs and jaw bones of the sandfox, golden jackal, and wildcat is the result of peeling the skin of the foot and pulling it overhead with a single piece, providing evidence of how the bone-hidden scraper was used. Scientists say they are providing it.

According to Hallett, ancient humans could probably have used leather or fur-processed leather for a variety of purposes, but clothing seems to be particularly likely. DNA evidence of the origin of body lice People started dressing at least 190,000 years ago (((SN: April 20, 2010). Stone Age people used bone scrapers to make leather and fur

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