STMicroelectronics Outlines Road to Over $ 20 Billion Earnings Ambitions on Capital Markets Day

  • Early focus on smart mobility, power and energy management, IoT and connectivity
  • Build on the strengths of an integrated device manufacturer model, customer relationships, established end-market and application strategies

May 13, 2022 – – STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), Today, we are hosting Capital Markets Day in Paris, France, a global semiconductor leader serving customers in a variety of electronics applications.

The event and live webcast will be introduced by the President and Chief Executive Officer. Jean Marc Cherry Presentations from executives sharing details on ST strategies, key market trends and growth opportunities, manufacturing, technology and product development, ESG sustainability strategies and value creation.


The following summary table contains our previously disclosed forecasts for full-year 2022 sales and operating plans, as well as the newly issued ambitions for 2025-27 shared at today’s event. ..

2022 plan Ambition for 2025-27
Revenue $ 14.8 billion- $ 15.3 billion Over $ 20 Billion
gross profit ~ 46% > ~ 50%
Operating income 24% – 26% > 30%
EBITDA margin – – > 40%
Free cash flow * > $ 700 million > 25%

* GAAP indicators outside the United States.
Treasury expects an exchange rate of around $ 1.12 = € 1.00.

ST focuses on sustainable and profitable growth, provides customers with enablers to achieve differentiation, and is smart within the framework of unchanging value proposition with a strong commitment to sustainability. Mobility, power and energy management, IoT and connectivity.

ST’s $ 20 billion or more revenue ambition is built on our integrated device maker model and customer relationship strengths, and is based on established end-market and application strategies, with a wide range of personal leaders and selectives. Focuses on industry and automotive as a leading leadership position. Telecommunications equipment, computers and peripherals.

This earnings ambition is expected to be driven by the following factors: 1) Leveraging ST’s technology and market leadership, our core business is expected to grow in line with established markets. 2) Within ST’s core business or adjacent high-growth areas, we have or target market leadership and invest in technology, human resources, product development and manufacturing.

Capital Markets Days Topics and Presenters:

  • Preface- Jean Marc CherryPresident and CEO
  • Automotive and Discrete Products and Business Opportunities – Marco MontyPresident of Automotive and Discrete Product Group (ADG)
  • Analog, MEMS, Sensor Products and Business Opportunities – Marco cassisPresident, Analog, MEMS and Sensor Group (AMS), ST Strategy, Systems Research and Applications, Head of Innovation Office
  • Microcontrollers and RF Communications Products and Business Opportunities – Remi El-OuazzanePresident, Microcontroller and Digital IC Group (MDG)
  • Manufacturing and Technology – Orio BellezzaPresident, Technology, Manufacturing, Quality, Supply Chain
  • ESG Sustainability Strategy – Radita DosouzaPresident, Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Financial Overview – Lorenzo GrandyPresident, Finance, Purchasing, ERM & Resilience, Chief Financial Officer

We will hold 2022 Capital Market Day in Paris, France, Thursday, May 12, 9 am to 1:15 pm Central European Time (CET) / 3 am to 7:15 am Live webcast your meeting. Time (ET).

Live webcasts featuring video, audio and presentation slides can be accessed from ST’s website at cmd.st.com. All presentation materials can also be downloaded from the website shortly before the start of the webcast, and event recordings will be available on the website after the event ends.

https://electronicsmaker.com/stmicroelectronics-outlines-path-to-20b-revenue-ambition-at-capital-markets-day STMicroelectronics Outlines Road to Over $ 20 Billion Earnings Ambitions on Capital Markets Day

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