STMicroelectronics and AWS are working together for a secure IoT connection to the AWS cloud

Combine FreeRTOS and ST’s STM32U5 microcontroller and STSAFE-A110 secure element with the Arm® TF-M firmware, which has a proven track record in the AWS-certified FreeRTOS fundamental reference implementation, allowing you to easily and securely connect your IoT device to AWS IoT Core.

June 21, 2022 – STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) is a global semiconductor leader serving customers for a variety of electronics applications, making Amazon Web Services (Internet of Things (IoT) devices easy to bring to the AWS cloud. AWS, an ST certified partner for secure connection).


“FreeRTOS, backed by our long-term support library, is the perfect platform for connecting resource-constrained devices to powerful cloud services,” said Dave Kranzler, AWS IoT device GM. “By working with ST to integrate industry-standard Arm open source secure TF-M software with the security features of the STM32U5MCU, developers can quickly build edge-to-cloud solutions that resist cyber threats.”

“The superior security built into the STM32U5MCU helps create reliable IoT devices for connecting to the AWS cloud,” said Daniel Colonna, Marketing Director, Microcontrollers Division, STMicroelectronics. “Our certified reference platform represents a significant investment in software integration that saves development time and costs while simplifying compliance with PSA certified security guidelines.”

The collaborative solution combines ST’s STM32U5 ultra-low power microcontroller (MCU), FreeRTOS open source real-time operating system, and Arm® trusted firmware (TF-M) for embedded systems. The reference implementation is achieved with ST’s B-U585I-IOT02A discovery kit for IoT nodes with the STM32U5 MCU. It includes a wealth of features such as USB, Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity, and multiple sensors. STSAFE-A110 Secure element support has been added and IoT object credentials are preloaded. Helps protect and simplify the connection between connected objects and the AWS cloud.

FreeRTOS consists of a kernel optimized for resource-constrained embedded systems and a software library for connecting different types of IoT endpoints to the AWS cloud or other edge devices. AWS Long Term Support (LTS) will be maintained for two years with the FreeRTOS release. This gives developers a stable platform for deploying and maintaining IoT devices.

Arm TF-M firmware simplifies the protection of embedded systems, including secure boot, secure storage, encryption, and attestation services, and forms the basis of a trusted execution environment (TEE) on the device. Designed for the Arm v8-M architecture, TF-M can be easily integrated with TrustZone® on ST’s STM32U5MCU with Armcortex®-M33 core.

ST’s STM32U5MCU is a demanding IoT edge application with advanced 160MHz Cortex-M33 core with ArmTrustZone technology and Armv8-M mainline security enhancements, up to 2MB on-chip flash, and extreme power savings. Is targeted. With hardware encryption accelerators, secure firmware installation and updates, and enhanced resistance to physical attacks, the MCU has achieved PSA Certification Level 3 and SESIP3 certification. Its extremely energy-saving design also simplifies powering applications and extends battery life for remote applications. Highlights include three different outage modes that maximize the chance of operating on the lowest possible power, and ST’s batch capture mode that captures peripheral data even when the core is powered off.

The secure element of STSAFE-A110 EAL5 + certification provides authentication schemes and personalization services, enabling connected objects to automate and securely connect to the AWS cloud. This safely eases the historic burden of IoT device manufacturers to protect confidential credentials during product manufacturing.

ST will release a version of the STM32Cube tool and software-based reference implementation in the third quarter of this year. This further simplifies IoT design by leveraging seamless integration with the rest of the STM32 ecosystem.

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