Stephanie Nab is on a mission to combat domestic violence

You almost knew it 1 in 3 women Do people between the ages of 15 and 49 experience some form of physical and / or psychological violence from their partners?

Technical tools (from smart devices to mobile apps) Allowing abusers to stalk, abuse and control victimsIt also helps protect people from domestic violence.

Some of the exciting technology-based initiatives Zukunft’s Gewaltfrei (Violentfree into the Future).

The project was started by Stefanie Knaab, who presented the idea of ​​a camouflage app for women suffering from domestic violence at the German government hackathon. #WirVsVirus) 2017.

Currently, she works with the Federal Ministry of Justice, law enforcement agencies, public prosecutors offices, criminologists, and victim protection to develop and implement apps in ways that can make a real difference.

This app aims to be a tool for adult women affected by violence by intimate partners. Mothers are a special target group.

Users have the opportunity to access important information about domestic violence and report attacks. In this way, you can collect evidence such as injuries and photos of diary entries. These photos can be saved in the app in encrypted form for later use in court.

In the case of a life-threatening event, the woman can make an in-app call to the police without actually speaking. Alternatively, the app can notify trusted people.

In addition, users are provided with important references to support facilities in case they want to leave the relationship.

As mentioned above, the app’s camouflage feature is an important factor and can be used even if the abuser has access to the victim’s phone.

Knaab does not specifically elaborate on what the app looks like, with the goal of keeping the perpetrators of domestic violence unaware of the app.

The idea is to create a bit of disguised software, but to allow women to collect evidence and contact authorities unnoticed.

For the same reason, the app has no name.

Currently, the Zukunft project Gewaltfrei is in the pilot stage and aims to be fully integrated into the official structure in place to prevent domestic violence.

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