Steam deck UI replaces outdated holistic mode

Last week’s announcement Valve’s SteamDeck Portable Gaming PC It’s attracted a lot of attention for a variety of reasons, but one of the understated excitements about the machine is that it looks like it has a whole new UI rather than Steam’s increasingly obsolete Big Picture mode. is. For those unfamiliar, Big Picture Mode was introduced almost 10 years ago for those who chose to play Steam games on their TVs and controllers. It’s more or less functional, but it’s mostly ignored when it comes to updates, and it’s starting to feel pretty long in the teeth.

Well, according to Valve developers to post to company forums, The system UI will eventually replace Big Picture mode, so all Steam users will inject Big Deck Energy, regardless of whether they actually buy the hardware …

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Yes, replace Big Picture with Deck’s new UI. However, there is no ETA that can be shared yet.

Of course, I didn’t have a chance to try out the Steam deck, so I’m not sure if this will improve, but it’s a pretty safe bet. Don’t know what a Steam deck is? Here are some details And official description:

  • Encounter of portability and power -Partnered with AMD to create a SteamDeck custom APU optimized for handheld games. This is a Zen 2 + RDNA 2 powerhouse that provides enough performance to run the latest AAA games with a highly efficient power envelope.
  • Your Steam library anywhere -When you log in to your Steam deck, you’ll see your entire Steam library just like any other PC. You will be able to find your collections and favorites-exactly where you left them.
  • Comfortable control -The Steam deck is built for long play sessions, whether you’re using a thumbstick or trackpad, and full-size controls are perfectly within reach. The back of the device is engraved to fit comfortably in different hand sizes.

The Steam deck will begin shipping in December this year for the lucky few people who booked early. Hopefully we’ll all be able to use the new UI soon. Steam deck UI replaces outdated holistic mode

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