“Star Wars: The Old Republic of Knights II” heads to Nintendo Switch on June 8th

One of the best Star Wars games ever made is on the road to Switch. With the news that Respawn Entertainment will release In 2023, Disney shared yesterday that Aspyr is doing a 2004 transplant Knights of the Old Republic II: Lord Sith For Nintendo handhelds. In addition, the studio said it plans to release a “restored content” DLC for the game. This is exciting news for what is often considered one of the rough and franchised diamonds.

I love many Star Wars fans Old Republic Knights II For a more complex depiction of the conflict between the Jedi and the Sith.Unfortunately, the game was shipped unfinished for the most well-known fact developer in its work. Fallout: New VegasIt took 14-16 months to complete the work of the project.

Obsidian was forced by publisher LucasArts to cut content that included the entire playable planet in order to set a deadline. After the studio moved to another project, a group of fans started working on the PC and promised to bring the final version of the game as close as possible to Obsidian’s original vision.And most of the time, they succeeded in that goal and the PC version Lord Sith The definitive way to experience Old Republic Knights II..

While waiting for the details of the restored content DLC, Aspyr said it will release KotOR II Switch to June 8th. The studio is also working on a PS5 remake of the original game.

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