Star Trek: Lower Deck wipes out literally figurative closets

This post contains light spoilers for Season 2, Episode 6.Star Trek: Lower Deck.. “

In last week’s episode Lower deck We closed the first half of the second season by dealing with the remaining plot threads of Season 1, the memory loss of Rutherford and the fallout between Mariner and Baeumler. These issues are out of the way, so the series is free to move forward.But first, this week’s “The Spy Humongous” takes a little time to see the average day on board USS Seritos..It’s not perfect TNG Classic “Data dayBut it’s close enough for fans of smaller, more intimate Trek stories.

This time there is no strict division between the A and B plots, starring in four loosely connected stories with crew members on both the upper and lower decks. The crew of the bridge is trying to negotiate a ceasefire with Pacrez, but the warship flag is assigned to the flashy phrase “abnormal integration duty” to “clean up strange space debris.” Baeumler is thrilled, but he is pulled away by a group of career-led “red shirts” thinking about his time. USS Titan Make him the best conductor. And the ransom will be a babysitter for Pakled asylum seekers / tourists / spies. It’s a joke grab bag, Star Trek lorePlease please Trekkie for many years.


However, it’s still very newcomer friendly in that it doesn’t require too much background to understand the basic plot, but it shows the core concept of the show as a show about the show. Starfleet nuts and bolts.. If this was a live-action show, it would be a so-called “bottle episode”, using pre-made sets and regular casts to make one shot on a tight budget. Even Pakled Planet, one of the exotic places we show, never actually gets inside the building.In contrast to last week Extensive Tour of Starbase 25..

In a live-action show, there is a bottle episode as the show blows away guest performers and special effects budgets with a big important story, and the “Puzzle Doppler” fits that bill. But as I pointed out last week Lower deck It’s not limited by what the set designer can create, the amount of makeup the actor wears, or the time it takes to render a perceptual gaseous anomaly on a green screen. Animators can draw whatever they need to draw. So there’s no reason to follow a bottle episode trend, but … except what they want.


Lower deck It didn’t keep secret that it was essentially a huge love letter to Star Trek. What was initially predicted was “Family guy “In space,” he treated the franchise with respect, and was filled with jokes for fandom to discuss and catalog in the following places: Reddit And trek wiki Memory alpha.. But this week’s adventure shows that Star Trek’s metaphor and attention to the story can go beyond introducing rarely seen alien species and gaining justice for the murdered character.

It’s also about Star Trek’s love for how to tell the story, with an emphasis on the personal side. Here you can see Freeman, Mariner and others just doing the job. We know they won’t die, especially since it’s not mid-season, so it’s the first reason why they deal with adversity and ultimately why they made them a material for the Starfleet. Is to see.

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