Sri Lanka recovers black box from sunken ship

A Singapore-registered container ship, MV X-Press Pearl, loaded with hundreds of tons of chemicals and plastic, is slowly sinking after the fire.

A black box of a ship loaded with chemicals and plastics sunk off Sri Lanka was found, officials said on Sunday that investigators were investigating the cause of the ship’s fire.

Voyage data recorder, also known as maritime affairsBlack box“, Investigators can review procedures and instructions before the accident.

Sri Lankan officials said they wanted to provide details of the ship’s movements and communications with the port of the capital Colombo, which was scheduled to berth.

“The Navy has made it easier for technicians to remove VDRs from bridges that are still above the waterline,” Navy spokesman Indika de Silva told AFP.

Registered in Singapore, the MV X-Press Pearl has slowly sunk into the Indian Ocean since Wednesday after a fire that lasted nearly two weeks in coastal view.

A ship loaded with 25 tonnes of nitric acid and a large amount of plastic raw material was heading from Gujarat, India, to Colombo.

Sri Lankan officials say acid leaks after May 11 could have triggered the fire. Qatar and Indian ports refused to unload leaking nitric acid, they added.

The police of the island nation Criminal investigationI interviewed the captain and chief engineer of the ship (both Russian) and their chief officer, the Indian, and seized their passports.

Sri Lanka's 80 kilometers (50 miles) of beaches have been filled with large amounts of microplastic grains ejected from ships.

Sri Lanka’s 80 kilometers (50 miles) of beaches were flooded with tons of microplastic grains spilled from the ship.

Authorities are preparing for an oil spill that may occur after the stern is submerged. So far there have been no signs of leakage, they added.

A large amount of microplastic particles ejected from the ship struck an 80 km (50 mile) beach that was declared off limits to residents. Fishing in this area was also banned.

Sri Lanka ship disaster

A map of where a burnt-out container ship began to sink on Wednesday off the west coast of Sri Lanka.

On Friday, Sri Lankan environmental activists accused the government and ship operators of failing to prevent what they called the “worst marine disaster” in the country’s history.

Sri Lankan authorities prepare for oil spill from sunken ship

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