Spotify Test TikTok Tips Discover More Video Feed Features

Spotify is experimenting with a new vertical video feed feature called Discover, which has more than TikTok’s whims about it.

The music streaming giant has confirmed that they are testing a new Discover feature that provides users with a vertical feed of music videos.Currently in the navigation bar[ホーム]When[検索]It’s in the new fourth tab between.

Spotify’s new rules were first discovered by Chris Messina (via) TechCrunch) TestFlight version of Spotify.

You can scroll the music video up and down, tap the heart icon to like it, or tap the 3-dot menu button to open the song information sheet.

These Spotify Discover videos seem to have been taken directly from the featured artists. Canvas content.. Canvas was a Spotify initiative that allowed artists to create videos that accompany music rather than the usual static album art.

Spotify’s Discover feature isn’t the first time TikTok has had a successful approach to short-format video content parroted by rivals. YouTube, Netflix and Instagram all tried the same thing.

For Netflix, the video streaming giant recently tested a feature called Kid clip, Shows short videos taken from a library of children’s TV shows and movies.

This followed a similar effort at Fast Laughs, which applied the same format to the comedy content roster. Spotify Test TikTok Tips Discover More Video Feed Features

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