Spotify is testing TikTok style video feeds

Spotify Is the latest service to start testing TikTok-style video feeds in a beta iOS app that displays full-screen video clips as songs play.According to the report from TechCrunch, This feature was first noticed Chris Messina, The person who posted the video of the actual feed. When available, the video feed can be accessed from the new fourth tab in the navigation bar and is called “Detection”. You can appreciate individual tracks by scrolling through the feed. You’ll also see a three-dot menu icon that shows the options for each song.

Spotify’s video features make little sense, but let’s see how it works

Spotify checked the test in the statement provided to the source, but didn’t check when the feature would be exposed to anyone. “Spotify conducts several tests on a regular basis to improve the user experience. Some of these tests pave the way for a wider user experience, while others are important learning. Some are only useful as. Other news to share at this time. “

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At this point, no one should be surprised at this test feature. Netflix has done similar testing on iOS apps to help users find new content to watch. For those who wonder, the Discover feed seems to reside on top of Spotify’s existing Canvas features. This is where artists can play videos with music in the app. TechCrunch says the videos that appear as part of the Discovery feed look similar to those used in Canvas.

At this time, we don’t know when the feature will finally start rolling out to a stable version of Spotify. I’m not sure if this feature will move to Spotify on Android, but let us know what you think about this feature. Spotify is testing TikTok style video feeds

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