Spotify is testing a low-limit ad support hierarchy of $ 0.99 per month

Spotify Plus is a new $ 0.99 subscription tier piloted by a streaming service that combines elements of the existing free tier and premium tier. The plan continues to include ads such as Spotify’s free tier, but there is no limit to the number of tracks you can skip per hour. In addition, users are free to choose the specific song they want to listen to, without being limited to shuffling in albums or playlists. The new Spotify Plus tier costs one-tenth the cost of Spotify’s unlimited ad-free premium tier, which currently costs $ 9.99 per month.

Spotify’s free tier exists in its current form After 2018.. Users cannot skip more than 6 tracks per hour, from 15 selected playlists to specific tracks, from editor-selected playlists to collections generated by algorithms such as “Discover Weekly” and “Daily Mix”. You can select and listen. Other than these playlists, free users can only listen to shuffled tracks. The new Spotify Plus layer is a relatively inexpensive way to alleviate some of these limitations.

Spotify Plus is supported by advertising, but there is a subscription fee.
Image: Spotify

Some users also see this layer of in-app ads.
Screenshot: Spotify

The news of the new test layer was initially The Verge By reader (Thank you, Gustobo!) And later confirmed in a statement by Spotify. “We are constantly working to improve the Spotify experience, and we regularly test it to notify you of our decisions,” said a spokeswoman. “We are currently testing a limited number of users with ad-supported subscription plans.”

However, Spotify warned that there is no guarantee that the new layer will launch in its current format. “Some tests pave the way for new products and extensions, while others may provide learning only. There is no additional information to share at this time.”

Spotify has a history of testing new features, even if they are released, years before they are actually released. The best example of this is Spotify’s lossless audio streaming. Tested back to 2017..The service is Official announcement of lossless “HiFi” layer Not yet available earlier this year.Includes other tests Snapchat-like story for selected playlists When Visual quote card for podcasts, Both are no longer displayed in the app. Spotify is testing a low-limit ad support hierarchy of $ 0.99 per month

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