Splash damage supports MCV / DEVELOP Awards 2022

Splash Damage is one of the UK’s most successful shooter developers, from Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein to Gears of War and Halo (creating Brink, Dirty Bomb, etc. along the way) to almost every major on the planet. Has contributed to a great franchise. course). In addition to succeeding in more tactical fares (Gears Tactics similar to XCOM), the studio recently announced that it has developed a new SF IP and will participate in this year’s support. MCV / DEVELOP AwardWill be held at a brewery in London on April 28th.

“It’s been said many times, but the last few years have been tough,” said Max Downton, senior brand manager. “The MCV / Develop Awards provide an opportunity for the gaming industry to come together and celebrate our achievements. Given the circumstances that everyone has been working on, the success on display is even more impressive. Supporting these awards. I’m happy to be able to do it. “

Like everyone else who wins the award on April 28, the Splash Damage team looks forward to making and catching up with industry friends and colleagues. There is an advantage to not being in line with the award. They can sit down and enjoy others. Get their own natural glory.

“I’m looking forward to the surprise and excitement when the winner’s name is called. It’s always been great to see talented teams recognized for their efforts and talents. Also, the gaming industry. It’s also great to have many friends from all over in one place.

“The great thing about award shows over the last few years, such as BAFTA, The Game Awards, MCV / Development, is that anyone can win. The judges and panels are very sensitive to quality, small studios and left fields. It’s very encouraging to see the hand title win.

“There is a huge variety of games and businesses in each category, and it’s all about actually playing, especially because the winners are voted by MCV / DEVELOP subscribers. That says I’m sitting on a fence. That’s a fancy way to say it! Still, keep crossing your fingers for your friends on the 4th floor, YRS TRULY, Bastion! “

ticket is Still available If you wish to participate in the 2022 MCV / DEVELOP Awards, it will take less than a week, but will be limited to individual and silver table reservations. Splash damage supports MCV / DEVELOP Awards 2022

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