SpaceX Tourist Crew “Healthy, Happy and Resting”

Graphics of all four civilian passengers on SpaceX’s mission to orbit the Earth, launched from Florida on September 15.

All SpaceX civilian Inspiration 4 crew members are “healthy, happy and resting comfortably,” the company said Thursday in its first update since its pioneering mission exploded from Cape Canaveral the night before. rice field.

According to Elon Musk’s company, four American space travelers “traveled the globe 5.5 times, completed their first scientific study, and enjoyed several meals” before going to bed.

Musk personally talked to the crew and tweeted that “everything is going well.”

After waking up, they will get their first look from the dragon ship’s cupola, the first large observation dome attached to the ship instead of the docking mechanism.

Jared Isaacman of Billionaire, assistant doctor Haley Arseno, geoscientist Sian Proctor, and aerospace data engineer Chris Sembroski occasionally orbit the Earth at altitudes of up to 590 km (367 miles). doing.

This is deeper than the International Space Station, which orbits 420 kilometers (260 miles), and has been the farthest adventure astronaut from Earth since the Hubble Space Telescope’s 2009 maintenance mission.

The mission aims to raise $ 200 million for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to study the biological effects of deep space on the astronaut’s body.

However, its main goal is to prove that you have access to the space. Ordinary people As the United States and Private company Like SpaceX, we are trying to commercialize the universe even more.

Space Adventure bookends the summer marked by the battle between billionaires Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos to reach the final frontier.

However, these flights provided only a few minutes of weightlessness rather than the three-day orbit experienced by the Inspiration 4 crew before flying off Florida on Saturday.

First, SpaceX sends all civilian crew members into Earth orbit

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