Southwest Airlines partners with Phillips 66 and MPC for commercialized SAF

Southwest Airlines, a US airline, has signed the energy companies Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC) and Phillips 66 and a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to step up its commitment to fuel sustainability.

The partnership will focus on several initiatives, including the use of commercialized sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in Southwestern operations.

Some of the initiatives that collaboration may focus on are to promote SAF policies, research and development with government agencies, and raise public awareness of the benefits of SAF.

Southwest Airlines may purchase SAFs from MPC’s planned Martinez Renewable Fuel Facility and Phillips 66 Rodeo Renewable Facility.

MPC and Phillips 66 have jointly estimated that these facilities will produce at least 300 million gallons of SAF by 2025.

Fuel is available throughout operations in the San Francisco Bay Area and California.

Stacy Malfers, Vice President of Supply Chain Management and Environmental Sustainability in the Southwest, said: “Fuels are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions in the aviation industry, and the Southwest is continually seeking innovative approaches to reduce them.

“Our plans include integrating low-carbon SAFs into operations that replace traditional jet fuel on a lifecycle basis. We look forward to the opportunity with MPC and Phillips 66 to achieve this. I am doing it.

“Collaborating with these key partners, along with other organizations, will help scale up the SAF industry, bring SAF to market at competitive prices, and allow the Southwest to reach its carbon reduction goals. The purpose is to support. ”

Southwest Airlines is a member of the Airlines for America, an industry group of US airlines that promises to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Southwest Airlines partners with Phillips 66 and MPC for commercialized SAF

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