Sound & Vision: Situ Live – The Future of Retail?

A few weeks ago, I went to launch what is called a “unique experiential retail destination.” Called SituLive in Westfield Shepherds Bush, we want to transform the relationship between physical stores and online shopping.

Such an idea would usually be eye-opening (not from me, of course) to those who attribute the physical store to the loss. The pandemic saw a growing interest in online shopping just because it was the only way we could shop. It hastened the paradigm shift that was on the card for some time.

And in the process, the physical space was left behind quite a bit. Living not far from Croydon and seeing what the local shopping center looks like, it’s a terrible disappointment to see the storefronts and “Casino” gambling shops lined up and empty. It is a former empty shell. The Westfield Complex, which had been in development for nearly a decade, is now almost canceled.

However, physical stores have or should at least have a place in the shopping experience. They’re a communal place, a way to cut noise and see the product presented in front of you, which is essentially what Situ Live does, but enjoys the concept more.

He describes himself as a “discovery playhouse” and admits that he was made to think along the adventure sites he went to when he was young, like Tiger’s Eye. It is home to a variety of products, both affordable and luxurious.

Situ Live has partnered with 75 brands to provide a tactile experience to see and touch what’s in front of you. This gives you some directness and perhaps more “trust” in the process. The Internet does not always have the same level of trust. The PS5 online list may also be sold solely as an off-quilter photo on the console.

Situ live kitchen area with staff

And while you’re not trying to embarrass you with incomprehensible jargon, the staff (a very enthusiastic bunch) who are trying to provide a warm embrace through telling a story that revolves around the product. There is. Want to try a bed that moves up and down? you can. Want to use that exercise bike? Of course, it may not be tight jeans. Also, if you are interested in an item, scanning the barcode next to it will take you to the manufacturer’s page where you can buy directly.

Of course, if you’re just “looking”, it’s unlikely that you’ll drop the blue Maserati sitting next to the window, no matter how much it costs, but SituLive is an interesting experiment. It blends the impulsive aspects of window gaze with perhaps the best empirical lifestyle approaches in both worlds.

SituLive Maserati Display

But it’s an experiment, not as specific as the physical space it’s in. Does it work? Are you ahead of the curve? Or is it the right idea at the right time? We need to find and see. If Situ Live intends to change things, it must show signs of longevity. There were many attempts to change the experience of bricks and mortar that fell on their faces.

You can’t help but admire your ambitions by getting a glimpse of what happens to high streets and shopping centers. However, if sufficient evidence has been obtained in the last 18 months, it is possible that, as in many other cases, Situ has been delegated to the dust heap due to some failures. Sound & Vision: Situ Live – The Future of Retail?

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