Sorry to be rich, Bugatti Chiron and Boride are sold out

Bugatti Chiron will be discontinued this year.


If you are super rich and wanted to get inside Bugatti Chiron If you order before the production of the super expensive hypercar is finished, you will be out of luck. Bugatti announced this week that all Chiron quotas will be considered after the record 2021 and final deliveries will be made by the end of 2022.

Bugatti has 150 customers Order and personalize your car In 2021, 60% will be newly added to the brand and we plan to deliver at least 80 vehicles in 2022. Of the 500 Chirons manufactured, only 40 were available as of November 2021. Produced in 2022 Super sports When Supersport 300+ With all “normal” chirons Chiron Pur Sport The model has already been built. In 2021, the first delivery of Supersport 300+ and Divo And a one-time LaVoiture Noire.

Bugatti Bolide

Bolide with only wild trucks was also sold out.


If you absolutely want to get one of the madness Truck-only Bolide Hypercar, you’re out of luck too. Bugatti says all 40 planned production runs were spoken in just two months after the production version was announced in the quail during Monterey Car Week last summer.Also, all 10 units inspired by EB110 CentodieciIt will be delivered in 2022, which has been sold out for a long time.

No alternative to Chiron is yet known, but it will be developed under the new Chiron. Bugatti-Rimac Joint Venture It was announced in November. Bugatti promises that future models will be as absurd, luxurious and engineering-packed as you would expect, and what comes next certainly features some kind of electrification. Sorry to be rich, Bugatti Chiron and Boride are sold out

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