Sony’s revised PS5 model features a smaller, lighter heatsink

Sony recently announced a strangely light revision Playstation 5And it became clear why consoles are so much more portable. YouTube creator Austin Evans Post A disassembly that shows that the revised PS5 Digital Edition (ie, the discless model) uses a smaller, perhaps lower cost heatsink. This saves a whopping 0.66 pounds in weight, but also raises the overall temperature by a few degrees. This isn’t necessarily a big deal, but be careful when doing either. Upgrade SSD Alternatively, pack the system into a crowded media cabinet.

There are some subtle changes, such as easy-to-use stand screws and fine-tuning the connection to the WiFi chip, but it’s not clear if or how wireless changes will make a real difference. It’s also uncertain how many of these changes will be converted to the PS5 disk drive version.

The company has not officially described the selection of updated PS5 designs. However, as Evans speculates, the updated PS5 could be a cost-cutting measure that reflects lessons learned in the months following the machine’s debut. Sony knows how good the performance of cooling and other components is, so it knows where to use cheaper and simpler parts.

The timing is right.Sony at the first quarter financial results briefing Told investors I didn’t sell the disc-based PS5 without compromising it. This latest design can significantly improve the profitability of Digital Edition.Although the choice does not excite gamers with bitter memories Xbox 360 overheat (Although unlikely to be repeated), it can play an important role in Sony’s long-term health.

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