Sony cameras are difficult to buy due to lack of chips

The global chip shortage claims yet another camera from Sony’s lineup.This time, Sony ZV-E10, mirrorless Vloging camera The company reportedly released it in August. Digital photo review..

Sony announced in a post that the camera will be shut down On that websiteFor the time being, ZV-E10 will not be sold through stores or distributors. “For digital image products, parts procurement has been delayed due to the global shortage of semiconductors,” said a Sony interpreter.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only device Sony has temporarily discontinued this year. In November, Sony has stopped selling NS A7 II, A6400, When A1600 Series camera, ECM-B1M shotgun microphone and PXW-Z190 camcorder.Sony has also put the Handycam HDR-CX680 camcorder on hold During April..Sony A9 too Seems to be abolished — Or very short — both show “Unavailable” Adorama When B & H Photo..Same thing 6 year old Sony A7R II, This is also listed as unavailable online Store..

favorite Basically all other industries Currently, camera companies are struggling to produce enough products to meet consumer demands. In June, Nikon has stopped including the EH-7PAC adapter The Z7 and Z7 II cameras just don’t have enough parts to go around. Canon also announced Ordering a new one will result in a shipping delay of up to “half a year” EOS R3, Shipment delays also hit Fujifilm X-S10 And some of the other camera gear earlier this year. Sony cameras are difficult to buy due to lack of chips

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