So you’re moving to Wyoming — this is your Tech-Scene starter kit — info

Once a Wild Wild West (or really just a luxury ski destination), Wyoming is now popular with tech and venture capital entrepreneurs who are fascinated by the large open spaces and world-class skiing. It is the relocation destination of. Also, the lack of state income tax and the fast-growing cryptocurrency scene do no harm.In fact, Teton County (including Jackson Hall) 89% increase For real estate transactions from the end of 2019 to the end of 2020. Want to participate in the rush? Read next: We asked a few Wyoming people, both long-time residents and recent transplants, about their preferred haunts. Whether you choose the gorgeous Jackson Hole, the buttoned Cheyenne, or the rustic Cody, this is the place to live, eat, play and interact.

Perhaps the most famous Wyoming destination, the Jackson Hall Valley has proven to be popular with outsider entrepreneurs dating back to the Walton family’s farms. purchase 1958, according to venture capitalists.Luxury ski resort Rob Ackerman, “Meets the checkboxes of the technology-focused group. And that means some kind of quality of life. This is not against Laramie, Cheyenne, or Cody, but much more. It’s small and invests less. “

Where to live: Given that the Jackson Hole Valley is surrounded by federal forests, there isn’t much land to develop. However, there are five major areas where a crowd of technicians are moving. The first is Jackson’s own town, where Ackerman lives. The Wilson area is popular with a crowd of millionaires (like a Swiss medical device maker). Hans Jurgu Wis). Wesley Chan, a venture capitalist and founder of Google Analytics, said, “I moved there to optimize peace, tranquility and privacy. I can’t see my neighbors from here.” There is Saddle Butte, one of the highest points in the valley. North of Jackson, near the airport, you’ll find the following large properties: This 127 acre, $ 48 million home Currently on sale. And finally, ski-in and ski-out properties near Jackson Hole Mountain Resort are in very high demand. So you’re moving to Wyoming — this is your Tech-Scene starter kit — info

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