Smartphones are boring: foldable and how Apple can change it

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Smartphones are boring. So I said that.

Over the years, I had the privilege of testing hundreds of smartphones manufactured by countless companies. I don’t remember when I was very indifferent to the phone. More specifically, towards the overall design of modern smartphones.

It can be a phone made by Google, Apple, Samsung, Motorola, or OnePlus. They all look almost the same. They are rectangular glass plates with camera bumps on the back, usually covered with glass.

In fact, I’m not completely indifferent to modern smartphones.There are a lot of flashy techniques in things like
iPhone 13 Pro

And that
Pixel 6 Pro

-Both are two of my favorite phones released in 2021.

However, there is one area in the smartphone industry that has not only been of interest in the last few months, but is also very excited about the future of smartphones and, for that matter, mobile devices as a whole.

I’m talking about a foldable display, or at least a phone with a foldable design.I have the joy of using
Microsoft Surface Duo 2

And that
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

In late 2021, and now, it’s clear to me that foldable phones will play a role, if not a major role, in the future of our mobile computing.

Outside Some rumorsThere are no signs that Apple plans to release its own foldable phone soon. And that’s a shame. That’s because foldable phones are definitely something Apple should work on.

Why? I have three important points from my time about two different takeaways about foldable phones, which I think will be the case for a foldable iPhone.

Obvious-the bigger the screen, the better


Left: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Right: Microsoft Duo 2

Jason Cipriani / ZDNet

The popularity of phablets has revealed that phone owners enjoy using devices with larger displays. The size of smartphones is getting bigger and bigger, but I think they are starting to reach the limit of portability.

That’s an anecdote, but I can’t personally see myself carrying a larger phone Pixel 6 Pro also iPhone 13 Pro Max..

So what if a customer shows a keen interest in a device with a larger display? Of course, fold the display in half. It’s crazy that I can write that sentence and take it seriously, but Samsung’s willingness to develop and manufacture foldable phones and customers who are willing to be effective beta testers of the technology. Thanks to, the technology has matured.

A foldable phone is effectively a combination of two devices that can be used as a familiar standard-sized device or as a larger tablet-like device.

Multitasking.The bigger the screen, the easier it is to do more than one thing at a time

The larger the display, the more immersive the experience while scrolling through the TikTok or Twitter feeds, but it allows for much faster and more intuitive multitasking than a standard phone.

Inside me
Duo 2 Review

, I talked about myself Aha! The moment you open a total of two apps, one on each display, and move back and forth between the two apps without hesitation or additional work.

I had some similar instances when using Z fold 3 Inside the screen. Samsung allows you to have more than one app open at the same time, but I mainly use two apps side by side. For example, you often open Twitter on the left side of the screen and Spark Mail on the right side. You can inspect and triage your inbox while keeping track of the latest news on your timeline.

It’s better to set aside multitasking for a minute and have a large screen for performing routine tasks such as browsing the Internet, browsing articles, and combing work documents.


Single display experience for Z Fold 3 and Duo 2.

Jason Cipriani / ZDNet

Choice leads to a better overall experience

I was panning the ZFold design as confusing to users because the owner was forced to decide which screen to use and when. I was wrong.

Having the choice of which screen to use when you want to use it is a big selling point that I didn’t understand until I had a healthy time with the Z Fold 3 myself. And using it isn’t just about tapping a few apps to see them in split-screen mode.I mean setting it as my main phone and carrying it on my behalf


Over time, I’ve noticed a constant change in how the Z Fold 3 is used. For example, I started using the front screen of my phone for most tasks and switched to a larger screen only for certain tasks, such as reading long emails.

A month later, I spend most of my time using the inner screen to delegate the front display to read text messages quickly and scroll through my Feedly account.

Providing options to users is bad if they aren’t well thought out and implemented, but even Duo 2 and all its gestures and multitasking habits offer users options and are now To improve the overall user experience that smartphone owners are accustomed to.

What does a foldable iPhone look like?


The two iPhone 13 Pros are about the same size as the Z Fold 3’s internal screen.

Jason Cipriani / ZDNet

There’s no doubt that a team within Apple has already tested the technology the company needs to create an iPhone with a foldable display. No one knows if the device will be released, but for the sake of competition, at least I hope it will happen. The sooner the better.

Just put on an Apple engineering hat and let me think about what a foldable iPhone looks like.

Because we’re creating a front display, the phone will be about the same size as the iPhone 13 Pro when closed. Unlike the Z Fold 3, which has a too narrow front screen, I would like to have a minimal bezel on the front screen of the foldable iPhone. The downside of the Z Fold 3’s narrow display is that some apps don’t display properly and the text on the right side of the screen is choppy. Also, the keyboard is too cramped to comfortably type long messages.

If you put the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro (same size and screen size) side by side, the overall size when opened will be slightly larger than the Z Fold 3.

If Apple were to use the iPhone 13 Pro Max as the basis for its dimensions, I think it would be too large for most people to type and navigate the interface comfortably.

Apple can use Face ID on the front screen to protect the iPhone and enable Apple Pay payments, while at the same time including a Touch ID fingerprint reader on the side buttons, as the iPad Air and iPad Mini currently have. The side buttons allow you to unlock the device when it’s open, eliminating the need to notch both displays.

Speaking of
IPad mini

, I imagine the foldable iPhone looks a lot like the smallest tablet in Apple’s lineup, but slightly smaller.

As far as software is concerned, most of the basics are already in iOS and iPad OS. Ideally, the foldable iPhone will use iOS on the front screen and then iPadOS on the internal display to run some kind of hybrid OS.

The iPad OS provides a larger display experience that allows you to access split screens and slide multitasking features that iPad users currently have access to.

Of course, the front screen looks and works the same as the iPhone does now. A single column view with a single app on the screen at any time.


The front display of the Z Fold 3 is too narrow.

Jason Cipriani / ZDNet

It’s hard to imagine a foldable iPhone that doesn’t support the Apple Pencil, but that also means that Apple needs to shrink.
Apple pencil

It’s mounted on the side to fit the height of the iPhone, allowing it to be charged wirelessly via a magnet, similar to the current second-generation Apple Pencil.

Apple’s foldable phones have many foundations, but now it depends on the technology of foldable displays and whether battery life can meet Apple’s standards.

As mentioned earlier, I’ve really enjoyed using the Z Fold 3 and Duo 2 for the past few months.In fact, I really enjoyed Samsung’s folding, so I bought my own after returning the review sample to AT & T..

(Supplement: I wasn’t willing to pay the Z Fold 3 $ 1,800 because of its value. Instead, I was patiently and relentlessly watching Swappa quite a bit. After all, the new box Z Fold 3. I bought it. $ 1,075. Not bad, right?)

There are still Duo2 review samples sent by Microsoft. We plan to return to use on a regular basis just to preserve the feel of the experience provided by the two separate displays.

So thank you Microsoft and Samsung for giving me something exciting again. Hopefully the same will be true for Apple in the near future.

What do you think? Does Apple need to release a foldable phone? If so, what do you think it looks like? Please let us know in the comments below. Smartphones are boring: foldable and how Apple can change it

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