SmartBear begins testing all-in-one web browsers and mobile apps

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SmartBear, a provider of software development and quality tools, has made web testing available at BitBar.

The company is the most reliable way to add web browser testing capabilities to its next-generation mobile app testing platform, BitBar, to instantly access all modern browsers and devices to support a consistent digital customer experience. We have achieved highly streamlined cloud-based testing.

Joanna Schloss, Senior Vice President of Product Marketing at SmartBear, said:

“As the web and mobile markets evolve, SmartBear will continue to meet developers and provide a BitBar integrated platform for application testing.”

BitBar is said to be extensible and performant, supporting a variety of test automation frameworks, environments, and languages ​​that software testers will use today, tomorrow, and in the future. For test teams responsible for ensuring a consistent, high-quality experience for their customers’ applications, BitBar allows them to test quickly and safely across real browsers and devices without the burden of in-house maintenance.

Additional deployment options such as private clouds and dedicated devices are available to support complex enterprise use cases and security needs.

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tag: BitBar, Smart bear SmartBear begins testing all-in-one web browsers and mobile apps

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