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For many startups And SMBs can feel like setting up an account-based marketing strategy well. Start-ups that are still struggling to find product and market fit do not dream of being able to identify and plan their ideal customer profile (ICP) sufficiently clearly. At the same time, small businesses often lack the resources to invest in sophisticated multi-touch point content marketing strategies.

Small businesses and start-ups usually don’t have a full-fledged marketing team, and sales reps are just overwhelmed. For them, account-based marketing (ABM) is reserved for companies that can hire enterprise marketing teams and jump on big marketing budgets.

This cannot be far from the truth, and both startups and SMBs can and should invest in ABM strategies. With a handful of smart growth tactics and clever tools, ABM strategies don’t have to break banks to succeed.

The account-based approach is successful when you modify your thinking and focus on long-term investment and relationship building. One way to do this is to create a (sensory) community.

However, before investing in ABM, there are some characteristics that your business needs.

  • ABM is much more valuable because it is larger than the average transaction size and customer value. If you are using a long tail business model, this is probably not appropriate.
  • Companies with long sales cycles are equally well suited for ABM strategies. The longer the sales cycle, the more important it is to use personalized content to serve key accounts and outreach across multiple channels and multiple touchpoints.
  • Complex purchasing committees can also be sold in an overly personalized way. Spray and play marketing doesn’t help here.
  • ABM strategies work best when sales, marketing, and services are fully integrated. Did your organization embrace the RevOps idea? Alright, ABM may be the way.

In short, the points above sketch what could be described as a high-end segment of B2B companies. Startups and SMBs that adhere to these characteristics are well suited to consider the growth tactics outlined below.

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What is ABM? How about ABS? And what is this ABX business? !!

Before embarking on a hands-on approach and practical tips to get you started with ABM, let’s take a look at some definitions to get a clearer understanding of what we’re talking about.

Account-based marketing

Account-based marketing is a business strategy, also known as key account marketing, where companies focus their marketing resources on specific targets (key accounts) in the market.

It’s like upside down the traditional inbound marketing goal-achieving process. Instead of generating leads, segmenting them, activating them, and then selling them, ABM takes the opposite approach. Identify specific key accounts, build relationships with these targets, and then sell to your network.

This also means creating relevant, personalized marketing content for all types of decision makers, along all points of the customer journey.

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Account-based sales (ABS)

Account-based selling is a B2B sales model that takes a similar approach and focuses on selling to the same major accounts. Patience is the name of the game here. Instead of scheduling the demo as soon as possible, sales reps invest in relationships.

This highly personalized strategic process is based on the customized marketing content mentioned above. Linking sales and marketing is the key to a successful account-based sales strategy.

Marketing and sales teams can benefit from defining and reporting shared goals and KPIs.

Account-based experience (ABX)

Account-based revenue generation works best with company-wide approval from your customer success team, as well as your sales and marketing departments. This helps provide a personalized experience for key accounts during the overall purchase process that continues after the purchase. Smart growth tactics can put account-based marketing within the reach of startups and SMBs – TechCrunch

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