SingleStore announces new updates to improve scalability

SingleStore, the provider of the real-time distributed SQL database SingleStoreDB, today announced the latest updates to its product. These updates are intended to help users build and scale real-time applications and analytics workloads simply and efficiently.

Among these product announcements is a workspace. Workspaces provide scalability by separating compute between individual applications such as operational analytics and real-time machine learning without these workloads interfering with each other.

In addition, the Code Engine with Wasm allows you to compile your code into wasm modules and port them to multiple popular runtime environments. This allows developers to securely port external code libraries to SingleStoreDB.

“Companies need to reassess their data strategies to better support modern SaaS applications and stay competitive in times of data aggregation dominance. As CEO of SingleStore. One Raj Verma said:

These updates also give users the flexibility of parallelism. This allows you to process a single query using all the cores on your machine, improving query performance.

Data security and access control enhancements, such as single sign-on and new cloud integration of customer-managed encryption keys, give enterprises better control over their security regime.

In addition, support for a new authentication mechanism using JSON Web Token (JWT) allows database engineers to use it completely without a password.

This release also includes a dbt adapter that aims to make it easier for analytics engineers to build, test, document, and deploy data pipelines for performing enrichments / transformations using SQL. It contains.

SingleStore will announce these and other updates at (R) Evolution 2022 in San Diego this summer. SingleStore announces new updates to improve scalability

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