Shortening the time to market for EVs

Power Integrations has announced the SCALEEV family of gate driver boards for the Infineon EconoDUAL module. Suitable for original, cloned and new SiC variants, this driver is targeted at high power vehicles and traction inverters for EVs, hybrid vehicles, fuel cell vehicles such as buses and trucks, construction, mining and agricultural equipment.

The SCALE EV board-level gate driver incorporates two enhanced gate drive channels, associated power supplies, and surveillance telemetry. The new board is automotive certified and ASIL B certified, allowing implementation of ASIL C traction inverter designs. The first member of the SCALEEV family to be released is the 2SP0215F2Q0C designed for the EconoDUAL 900A1200VIGBT half-bridge module.

Peter Vaughan, Director of Automotive Business Development at Power Integrations, said: “Gate driver design is important for both the performance and reliability of electric vehicles. By providing products that are already ASIL certified in addition to development, testing and certification, we can significantly increase development time and cost. We are reducing it to. “


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