ShibaSwap, Shiba Inu Token Exchange Platform, Live Now

Shiba Inu, a spin-off of Dogecoin, launched its own decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, Shiba Swap, on Tuesday. Established less than a year later, Shiba Inu Token has established its brand as a “Doji Coin Killer”. Interestingly, the Shiba Inu face-themed crypto token with the SHIB symbol, which has grown significantly in recent months, also began as a meme joke that transformed into one of the hottest digital currencies. .. ShibaSwap will be launched about two weeks after billionaire Elon Musk tweeted about digital tokens. On June 25, Tesla’s CEO, who has been enthusiastic about Dogecoin, wrote, “My Shiba Inu is named Floki.” One tweet from Musk was enough to raise the Shiba Inu stock by 16%.

Moreover website, Shiba Inu’s platform allows users to earn WOOF returns through a “sophisticated and innovative passive income reward system” using DIG (Liquidity), BURY (Stake), and SWAP tokens. Said. This platform will give Shib Army access to future NFTs. Among other additional tools, ShibaSwap offers a portfolio tracker that makes navigating the crypto world simple and intuitive. this is, Cryptocurrency market Generally slowing down, SHIB price in Indian Rupee It has risen 3% in the last 24 hours.

Immediately after the currency creator announced the launch of its own crypto platform, Twitter people were excited. This shows how eager they all waited for this moment. For example, this Twitter user was unable to contain their happiness.

“Today is that day. Go fill everyone,” another user wrote.

Other reactions to the launch of the platform are:

Within hours of the launch of Shibaswap, the currency witnessed a 3% price increase. The Shiba Inu, which has a market capitalization of approximately $ 3.5 billion, is currently trading in India for Rs .000636.

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