Seven successful product development strategies by team leaders can be stolen from major tech companies

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All successful product engineering teams have one common practice. It’s a winning product development strategy. However, finding a universal product development strategy for different product teams is not feasible.

This article introduces seven different but successful product development strategies. This allows you to create your own plans or improve existing strategies inspired by these techniques.

1. Objective-driven independent team: Spotify strategy

The world’s most popular music streaming platform, Spotify, There is expertise in the organizational hierarchy. Spotify maintains a variety of groups called squads, tribes, alliances, and guilds, rather than traditional management structures. This is a brand new label for the group structure, inspired by the “Growth Mindset”.

With this different organizational structure, they developed their own version of the product development, the “Spotify model”.

This model gives each product team (“team”) the freedom to choose their preferred project management framework, such as Agile Scrum or Kanban.

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