Senate Democrats Call Attorney General to Restore Immigration Judges’ Union

On Monday, Democrats from the Senate Judiciary Committee directed Attorney General Merrick Garland’s efforts by the Trump administration to bankrupt a union of immigrant judges and severely limit what they could say publicly. Was urged to reverse.

In 2019, the Justice Department began calling for the revocation of the National Association of Immigration Judges. The judge claimed to be a manager and not eligible for collective bargaining. In 2000, the Federal Bureau of Labor concluded that the judge’s obligations were essentially completely “non-supervised” and gave them the right to form a union. last year The FLRA Regional Director concluded that there were not enough changes to overturn that decision.

But last November, one day before the presidential election, the FLRA board’s Trump appointed Rejected He went bankrupt with the regional director and the union, even though he found few mistakes in the regional director’s reasoning. The current Democratic president of the FLRA Board at the time, Ernest Duvester, accused his colleagues of justifying the outcome for “sophisticated” and “faceted” reasons.

In January 2020, the Immigration Department issued a Gag Order prohibiting immigration inspectors from “requiring them to speak or write publicly in a personal position, regardless of topic, audience or location.” The policy is Federal proceedings Submitted on behalf of the union by the First Amendment to the United States Institute and Columbia University.

so letter A member of the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman, Dick Durbin, Illinois, overturned these decisions and urged the Attorney General to restore the rights of immigration judges.

“November decision [to bust the union] Immigration judges have overturned the 20-year precedent by claiming to be “administrators” who may not form a union, “they wrote. “The Trump administration’s petition to revoke NAIJ’s accreditation and FLRA’s 11-hour decision are based on political motivation and appear to threaten the independence of the immigration court.”

The Democratic Party wrote that the union must be restored to protect the judicial independence of judges.

“Without collective bargaining rights and NAIJ protection, migrant judges would be less independent and more susceptible to political pressure,” they wrote. “The Trump administration has demonstrated the seriousness of this threat by imposing a political agenda on the immigration court. Thank you for your commitment to restore the efficiency and integrity of the immigration court system. However, without the additional protection provided by NAIJ, the court system is vulnerable to future government actions that further undermine its fairness and efficiency. “

Lawmakers urged Garland to provide information about the Justice Department’s plans to “change its stance” on judges’ unions and plans to change the gag order policy of immigrant judges by June 14.

In a statement, Matt Bigs, secretarial accountant of the International Federation of Professional Engineers, praised the senator, who included a union of judges in the union and put pressure on the Justice Department on these issues.

“Efforts to misclassify unsupervised immigrant judges as managers and deny their union rights are part of the Trump administration’s attack on the union rights of federal officials, a legitimate process, judicial independence, and immigration. Fairness in court, “Bigs said. “IFPTE continues its efforts to overturn Trump DoJ’s efforts to revoke NAIJ accreditation, so provide responsible supervision at DoJ and what steps these DoJ employees can take to maintain union rights. I applaud all the senators who asked the Attorney General if they would take it. “ Senate Democrats Call Attorney General to Restore Immigration Judges’ Union

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