Semmes business ‘total loss’ in fire: Semmes Fire Rescue

Sems, Alabama (WKRGMore) — Gill’s Glass in Semmes was completely destroyed after the building caught fire on Monday afternoon, according to Semmes Fire and Rescue Department officials.

Authorities said three Semmes fire engines responded to Gills Grass on Lot Road after receiving reports of the fire. SFRD firefighters learned of the chemicals involved and called the Hazardous Materials Team of the Mobile Fire Rescue Division.

According to the Semmes Fire Marshal, Gill’s Glass used fiberglass and employees removed the resin when the fire broke out. To clean the fiberglass, employees soak the fiberglass in acetone, then take it outside and light it to burn off the resin. Some of the acetone dripped and spread into an internal bay, where a 55-gallon drum containing acetone allegedly caught fire.

Officials said the building was a “total loss.” No injuries have been reported.

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https://www.wkrg.com/mobile-county/semmes-business-a-total-loss-in-fire-semmes-fire-rescue/ Semmes business ‘total loss’ in fire: Semmes Fire Rescue

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