Second man charged with shooting police this week: mobile prosecutor’s office

Mobile, Alabama (WKRGMore) — The Mobile County District Attorney’s Office made a second arrest this week in connection with an alleged shooting at police in September 2022.

Valeido Reel Davidson has been charged with two counts of attempted murder and shooting an occupied vehicle.suspect davidson September 20, 2022 Fire on police vehicle on Flicker Street. A police car was shot and two empty buildings were also damaged. No one was injured in this shooting.

Travis Lawson He was incarcerated in Metro Prison on the same charges on Tuesday.

WKRG met with Mobile County District Attorney Keith Blackwood on Thursday to explain why Davidson’s charges were remanded after indictment. Retired in November 2022.

“Following the occurrence of this incident, the case against Davidson was referred to the district court and the investigation at the time was submitted to a district court judge,” Blackwood said. “At that time, no probable cause could be found. However, the investigation continued, and when it was completed it was referred to a grand jury, after which both Davidson and Travis Lawson were indicted.” as.”

Blackwood added that the investigation is “evolving” and that the grand jury will be presented with new information “as new facts come to light.”

“This was two police officers on duty,” Blackwood added. “And these two defendants allegedly fired their weapons at police officers in an attempt to take their lives. That’s the suspicion.”

https://www.wkrg.com/mobile-county/2nd-man-charged-this-week-in-alleged-shooting-at-police-mobile-das-office/ Second man charged with shooting police this week: mobile prosecutor’s office

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