SD Times News Digest: SnapLogic Integrated Platform Update, Ionic Portal, Exabeam Fusion XDR and Fusion SIEM

SnapLogic has announced new and enhanced features that increase user productivity and improve the performance and reliability of the integrated platform.

The latest release includes new API management capabilities that add tools and support for API developers who want to take a design-first approach to app creation, developing API designs and specifications before creating an integrated pipeline. I am.

In addition, SnapLogic has added API versioning in this release. This makes it easy for developers to create new API versions and manage assets and policies for each version individually.

Ionic Portal Released

Ionic Portals provides users with supercharged Web View native controls, enabling native teams and web teams to collaborate better and create new and existing web experiences in a mobile, secure and controlled way. I will.

Ionic Portals solves problems with stock webview controls, such as the lack of the ability to expose additional native functionality to the web experience. The new solution provides the ability to programmatically define new APIs that web developers can use in a controlled way.

Ionic Portals is currently a closed alpha version and has several early adopter mobile teams.Additional details available Here..

Funding for CircleCI Series F

CircleCI announced that it has raised $ 100 million in a Series F funding round to help developers quickly deliver high-quality code.

The company announced that it will use the funds to invest in the platform, build the Insights dashboard and expand the fleet of over 20 computing options.

CircleCI plans to add more features such as dynamic configuration, private orbs, and test insights.

Exabeam Fusion XDR and Fusion SIEM

Exabeam has announced Fusion XDR and Exabeam Fusion SIEM. These are two cloud-delivered products aimed at solving threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR) without disrupting your organization’s existing technology stack.

Exabeam Fusion combines behavioral analytics, TDIR automation, and pre-built integrations that detect anomalous activity and build a smart timeline to automatically rebuild security incidents. Fusion SIEM includes all the features of Fusion XDR, plus centralized log storage, powerful search, and access to compliance reports.

“If a security analyst is unable to connect points between different systems, a malicious attack will not be detected and will lead to a security breach. We can accelerate development while deploying a use case framework that consistently delivers successful results to our customers, “said Adam Geller, Chief Product Officer at Exabeam.

Deno 1.1 has been released

The Deno 1.1 release includes new features and improvements for the built-in test runner.

Prior to this release, Deno ran all tests consecutively within a single runtime instance. All discovered test modules are now run individually using a new instance of each module’s runtime. It also now supports the Privileges option, which allows users to specify the exact permissions that can be applied to their use cases.

Web Workers now support structured clones and remote import maps. In addition, the Web Storage API has been added.

New open source collaboration community for the Digital Twin Consortium

The Digital Twin Consortium (DTC) has announced a new open source collaboration community to accelerate the adoption of digital twin-enabled technologies and solutions.

Dan Isaacs, CTO of DTC, said: “Open source projects are more flexible than closed projects and respond quickly to market demand.” Our open source collaboration community initiative has significantly expanded the DTC ecosystem, digital twins and digital twins. Promote the adoption of compatible technologies. “

To be able to contribute to the open source collaboration community, candidates must complete a project application reviewed by the DTC Technical Advisory Board. If approved, contributors can upload the project or related content to the DTC open source collaboration GitHub site. SD Times News Digest: SnapLogic Integrated Platform Update, Ionic Portal, Exabeam Fusion XDR and Fusion SIEM

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