Scientists use potty training cows using “MooLoo” in the hope of reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Use MooLoo.

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Kittens can be trained to use the toilet and puppies learn to do business outside (some are better than others). So don’t be surprised that calves can also potty training. And it’s not bullish.

“It is usually thought that cows have no control over defecation and urination,” says animal psychologists. Jan Langbein, Co-author of a study published on Monday Journal Current Biology.. “Like many other animals and livestock, cows are very smart and can learn a lot. Why can’t they learn how to use the toilet?”

It sounds weird to teach cows where to pee-imagine a black and white Holstein sitting in a toilet chair-but there’s a good reason to do that, and it’s yours It’s not just about keeping the meadows untouched. Cow urine is high in nitrogen and is broken down into nitrates and nitrous oxide. Nitrate pollutes nearby waters, and nitrous oxide is a long-lived greenhouse gas that is 300 times more powerful than carbon dioxide.

Look at this:

Watch cows get potty training


So a group of scientists at the Institute of Farm Animal Biology and the University of Auckland set out to teach calves to pee in only one place where they can process and wash their urine before problems occur. ..

It’s not just a toilet. Researchers use the term toilet instead-this is not a military toilet, Area surrounded by a specific fence lined with artificial turf, Researchers called it “MooLoo”. However, 11 of the 16 calves in the program learned to use the toilet area within a few weeks.

How did the researchers get cows to use MooLoo? First, they used a vibrating collar to teach the cows to walk a short distance to the bright green toilet area, where they gave them a treat (molasses). Then they extended the distance to the toilet. If cows start peeing in the wrong place, scientists have used the same techniques that many pet owners use to keep dogs and cats away from the couch. Water does not harm the calf, but it does annoy the calf, much like the cat socks at home.

The training lasted 15 days and most calves learned by urinating 20-25 times. According to the report, it is comparable to potty training time for children aged 3 and 4.

Study co-author Lindsey Matthews Told ABC The team just trained cows to use MooLoo for urination, not urination, and said urine was a bigger problem. But stay tuned, as Matthews predicted that he could use the same technique to teach calves to be second in a particular region. Maybe PooMooLoo will be next. Scientists use potty training cows using “MooLoo” in the hope of reducing greenhouse gas emissions

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