Schneider Electric reveals data center sustainability framework

French IT giant Schneider Electric has released a five-part framework aimed at acting as a guide to minimizing the environmental impact of data center operations.

Schneider is the first in the industry to claim a framework, but because the company specializes in power systems management, it’s not all a self-blessing. This framework is designed to help businesses make their sites more environmentally friendly, regardless of how advanced their sustainability efforts are.

Data center power consumption depends on almost everyone’s radar to varying degrees. Researchers estimate that data centers around the world account for 1% to 2% of total electricity consumption. For hyperscalers like Google and Facebook, and for businesses, saving electricity is a profit and a portion of the profit that is equal to being a good corporate steward.

Many companies are now reporting on sustainability as part of their annual financial disclosure. They communicate their commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) programs. However, many people are new to this concept and don’t know what to report, so the Schneider framework comes into play.

Despite pressure from investors, regulators, shareholders, customers and employees, many data center operators lack sustainability expertise and have difficulty deciding which indicators to track and strategies to implement. Schneider says he is facing some challenges.

The framework requires data center operators to focus on five measurable areas.

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