Save up to $ 70 on BigBlue power plants and solar panels

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday deals are here in all categories, so it’s a really great time to go shopping. Also, if you are considering an external power supply solution, you can be sure to show your BigBlue brand sales. These people are experts in this field and their portfolio has quite interesting power plants and solar chargers. You can also get up to $ 70 off Amazon for promotional events on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. So which model would you definitely recommend?

BigBlue CellPowa 500

Let’s start with the compact solar power plant CellPowa 500. Equipped with a large capacity 537.6WhLiFePO4 battery pack, it is the perfect solution for all campers, outdoor enthusiasts, or travelers who need power. It features a 500W pure sine wave inverter with a peak power of 1000W, two AC sockets, two 60W USB Type-C ports, and two 18W USB-A ports. The power plant measures 28.7 x 20.8 x 20.8 cm and weighs 7.8 kg. There are multiple charging options, including solar panels like the Solar Powa 100 below. And from November 26th to November 29th, you’ll get a $ 70 discount for just $ 329.99.

BigBlue SolarPowa 100

Speaking of solar power, there is also the Solar Powa 100 double-fold 100W foldable charger. Thanks to the long life ETFE material, it is an ultra-lightweight solar panel. With its high conversion rate and waterproof IP65 design, it is the best solution for eco-friendly charging. The durable kickstand and foldable design make it easy to carry around. And from November 26th to November 29th, you’ll get a $ 40 discount for just $ 159.99.

BigBlue250Wh Portable Power Plant

Big blue

If you’re looking for a more portable power plant that you can take anywhere, we’ll answer. The BigBlue entry level model offers a decent 250wh battery pack with a 250W sine wave inverter and a maximum surge of 500W. With 2 AC sockets and 4 USB ports, it has good connectivity and also supports 50-100W solar input as a bonus. It’s also neatly packed in the shape of a “briefcase,” weighs about 5 pounds, and has an LED flashlight in SOS mode. From November 29th to December 5th, you’ll get $ 50 off, and it’s all for just $ 129.99.

BigBlue28W Solar Charger

Big blue

Last but not least, there is a BigBlue 28W 4x ultra-thin solar charger. Equipped with a highly efficient SunPower mono solar cell, long life PET polymer surface and IPX4, it is a compact solar charger. Two USB ports can supply up to 5V / 4A, making it easy to charge your mobile device. Fold it up and go out into the wilderness without fear of energy. During the promotion period from November 22nd to November 28th, you can get $ 47.65 and get $ 22.42 off. Save up to $ 70 on BigBlue power plants and solar panels

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