Satellites and junk are littered, ruining the night sky

We are sending more into space than ever before, and now the giant constellations of satellites are at risk of causing light pollution and devastating debris in orbit on Earth-but in our sky. It’s never too late to save


October 27, 2021


Such straight lines across the sky are caused by the light reflected from the satellite as it moves.

plainpicture / DEEPOL by Paul Zizka

July 11, 1979, Space Station Fragment I fell to the earth.SkylabThe first US outpost in space was to plunge into the ocean 1300 km from South Africa, but it took longer than expected to collapse.

NS A huge 77-ton beast exceeded its target and exploded 16 kilometers. Send debris into the water over the Indian Ocean, 150 km range of Western Australia.. Thankfully, no one was injured. But this incident served as a clear reminder that what we launched into space did not just disappear.

Today, there are thousands of satellites in orbit, the number of which is growing rapidly. The concern is not just that one of these lands on someone’s head. Indeed, rushing to fill space on Earth greatly increases the likelihood of collisions due to orbital cataclysms, which can lead to rain. However, space debris (satellite that has failed, rocket debris, and collision-scattered debris) is only half the problem. Satellites are unintended mirrors that reflect sunlight and obscure the view of stars. They make it even harder to see threats coming from space to our planet.

Many claim that they are approaching a turning point when it comes to such issues. “If something doesn’t happen, we’ll lose the sky in three years,” he says. Apparna Bencatesan, A cosmologist at the University of California, San Francisco. “The sky will change forever.”

There is pressure to change something. There is … Satellites and junk are littered, ruining the night sky

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