Satechi’s USB-C hub has an M.2 slot: add ports to increase capacity

There are many USB-C hubs and enclosures for M.2 SSDs on the market. Still, there aren’t many USB-C hubs that can add all the ports and storage you need to a single device. Satechi NotebookCheck..

NS Satechi USB-C Hybrid Multiport Adapter Connect to your host using a USB 3.0 Gen 1 Type-C interface, two USB 3.0 ports (not supporting charging), HDMI 2.0 display output suitable for 4k60, USB-C port for charging, and M.2 To add. -2280 slots for SATA SSDs. The hub can return up to 100 watts of power to the host, allowing it to feed even large 15.6-inch and 16-inch class notebooks. Note that the hub’s USB Type A port does not support power-intensive items such as optical disk drives.

Satechi doesn’t disclose the controller to use inside the USB-C hybrid multiport hub, but most users don’t care much because the unit doesn’t require a driver.

(Image credit: Satechi)

The move to the industry’s USB Type-C port, the removal of USB Type-A and other “legacy” connectors from the latest notebooks has boosted the laptop dock market, and many accessory makers have docked and port replicators. Prompted to start offering. At the same time, as the number of thin and lightweight laptops grows, so does the demand for external storage devices. Some come with soldered SSDs that cannot be upgraded. Therefore, Satechi’s USB-C hybrid multi-port adapter was ordered by a doctor for those who want additional ports, additional capacity, and a more or less reasonable price of $ 89.99. Satechi’s USB-C hub has an M.2 slot: add ports to increase capacity

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